For those who want more than a selfie at a landmark…

Frequently Asked Questions

Adventure Buddy is a place for individuals to connect through adventures, such as hiking, photography, meditation; it’s all possible. Whether your adventure is simply finding a buddy to go to a concert with or hiring a professional guide on a multi-day backpacking trip, you’ll find it with Adventure Buddy.

Adventure Buddy was built on the idea of a better, easier way to make friends, and adventures are a great opportunity for bonding.

Adventures are created by members of the website. The network is designed to be “peer-to-peer”.

Creating an adventure is easy. Sign up to create an account, then go to the Create page. Enter details such as date, time, location and submit it for review and pending publication.

To view all active listings, go to the Adventures page. Here you can browse adventures and join them. You with either be auto-joined or you may need to be approved (depending on host). You can contact the host, and/or discuss publicly in Group Chat.

If you would like to see the latest community discussion or plan an adventure, go to the Plan page.

Adventure Buddy was built on the idea of a better, easier way to make friends/connections, particularly when traveling to new places. The most precious reward of traveling, and life itself is making personal connections with those who introduce new ideas and possibilities.

Adventure is at the edge of your comfort zone, a boundary separating a normal existence from a life worth living. It’s just beyond that comfort zone where true growth lingers and fulfillment awaits.

For those who want more than a selfie at a landmark… Welcome.

Adventure Buddy is free to use, although some hosts charge a fee to participate in their particular adventures. The host of each adventure chooses whether they charge a fee. They may be providing valuable skills, expertise, and gear. Or there may be a fee associated with attending, i.e. concert ticket.

Currently, no booking is done through the website. Any transaction is between you and your host directly.

Adventures must meet our guidelines, and the creators and hosts must agree to our terms, as well as agree to follow all local, state and federal laws.

We strongly encourage all users and members, including hosts to verify their profile by submitting a photo of their government issued I.D. to Adventure Buddy at Users who verify their accounts get a verification badge on their profile. Your photo ID document is kept confidential and secure and only used for verifying a member’s identity is valid.

Members of the site should carefully consider which adventures to join and which members to interact with. Members might also choose to only adventure in groups.

Hosts of course can accept/reject members from joining their adventure at their discretion.

Anyone can and should post an adventure in the Community categories. Whether you’re a group leader, or looking for others to help you learn the ropes, a Community adventure is a call to action. Make friends and explore! Community adventures are typically simple and fun, and don’t require leadership and planning from professionals or vendors. (i.e. a game of disc golf)

Commercial Adventures however are managed by professional guides, tourism related vendors or other commercial operations. They’ll typically require a fee, whether to pay the guide/vendor or to cover the cost of fuel, food, equipment rental, etc. (i.e. flightseeing)

When you find an adventure you’re interested in, and click “Let’s Go” and then Submit, you have requested to join the adventure, or you may be auto-joined (depending on the host’s settings).

Now, you have confirmed that you will be attending the adventure, and the host is notified. It’s a good time to introduce yourself by sending the host a private message (contact host by clicking their profile picture/name.)

If you will be attending with another person, your co-participant must also create an account and join the adventure.

Another thing you can do is click the Facebook share button and invite your friends on social media on the adventure.