Glacier View 4th of July Car Launch

Glacier View 4th of July Car Launch
Date(s) - July 4, 2024
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Guest Acceptance: Accepting All Guests Fee Required: Yes Estimated Fee: $20+ Date Flexibility: No, Dates/Times are Fixed Duration: All Day
Suitable Ages: All Ages (Fam Friendly) Gear Requirements: No Gear Required Skill Level: Beginner Friendly Difficulty Level: Easy Host Type: Community HELP: Contact this vendor for alternate dates/times.
Adventure Details:

Happy 4th of July!
At this time, we are full-steam ahead with plans to work around Mother Nature and make this event happen for all those who love it!
Arnie’s 4th of July in Glacier View is a unique and entertaining celebration. This is the home of the famous launching cars. Come on out and celebrate Independence Day with this one-of-a-kind celebration. This is a day of Freedom, Family, Fun, Faith, and Friends. Food will NOT be provided with your entry ticket, however, there will be vendors and food trucks available for purchasing food.
All trailers will have to be parked at the top of the hill. There will be no ATVs or motorized vehicles in the spectating area. Bring a wagon and a chair.
IMPORTANT: The river continues to eat away our fun, so please be careful around the river area. Keep your children in sight at all times and all humans should not play in the water.
If you would like to sponsor a launch car, be a food vendor, be a sponsor, or volunteer please contact Arnie Hrncir (907) 841-5209
To be launched, at this time: New Yorker, 1983 Silverado, Dodge Caravan, Taurus, Explorer
Rumored to be launched: Pink Barbie Corvette, Minivan, Jeep, 4x Tracker, Motorhome, and so many more.
Ticket Fee (purchased at the gate):
Adults (13 and up): 20 dollars
Children (2-13): 10 dollars
Discounted rates for Glacier View Residents
Gates open at 8:30 am
Cars Fly 2 ish (come early, the best parking is for the early birds)
If you arrive late or the parking is full, you will have to walk! There is a HILL! The parking lot filled up last year, around 10 am.
Food Vendors at this time: 99er Diner (Pizza), Hand Dipped Ice Cream, Brisket Sandwiches, Gyros
Sponsored by: Glacier View Adventures (The Zipline Guys), Hicks Creek Auction, Glacier Graphics, MICA Guides, and Glacier View Auto Repair
This will not be livestreamed, and there are no presales of tickets. Please, don’t fall for scammers and spammers.
All camping tent or RV is first come first serve and will be available starting July 1st.

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